Tempurpedic Clearance


“We are getting out of the Tempurpedic mattress business!”

“The following is a list of all remaining stock of their revolutionary Tempur memory foam mattresses, adjustable
and fixed foundations.”

Quantity SizeOriginal PriceClearance Price
0Tempur Flex Hybrid Elite
KingWas $3,899Close Out $1,755
1Tempur Cloud Supreme
QueenWas $3,199Close Out $1,579
2Tempur Rhapsody BreezeQueenWas $3,899Close Out $1,755
Tempur Cloud Luxe BreezeQueenWas $4,699Close Out $2,166
0Tempur Flex Hybrid EliteQueenWas $3,299Close Out $1,485
0Tempur Cloud SupremeQueenWas $2,499Close Out $1,125
1Tempur Contour SupremeQueenWas $2,199Close Out $1,088
0Tempur Flat High Foundation 9"QueenWas $300Close Out $150
3Tempur Up Foundation Head LiftQueenWas $800Close Out $400
0Tempur Ergo Plus Head & Foot LiftQueenWas $1,499Close Out $749
3Tempur Ergo Premier Head & Foot Lift W/MassageQueenWas $2,099Close Out $1,045